Water Scarcity in Delhi

The population of Delhi has seen phenomenonal growth. It has crossed the figure of 130 lakh in 2001. This has put tremendous pressure on the existing civic services including supply of drinking water.

The present demand for water in Delhi is around 800 MGD whereas the supply from all the available sources is about 650 MGD. The gap between demand and supply is partly being met by extraction of ground water through wells, tubewells, deep bore hand pumps etc.

Rapid Depletion of Ground Water Resources

  • Due to rapid urbanization the surface area for infiltration of rain water into the ground has decreased drastically, thereby, diminishing the recharge of ground water.

  • Over-exploitation of ground water resources has resulted in decline in water levels by 4 to 10 metres in the last decade alone.

  • Deterioration in quality of ground water with increase in salinity has made it unfit for human consumption.

  • Wells and borewells are drying up.

  • Vegetation has also been affected severely.

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